New finds of the Face Shop

I am always on the look out for new and exciting nail polishes. Today, I found some interesting ones of the Korean brand, the Face Shop, that I would like to share with you.

On Pinterest and on other nail polish blogs, I have seen a lot of amazing galaxy nail arts. However, I have never found the time to try it on my own nails and I wonder if I am skilled enough to do so. The Face Shop has developed two nail polish sets for the lazy and unskilled people like me. Although it might not be as detailed as some of the galaxy nails that other people have created, with these sets, you can at least create an acceptable version of the galaxy nails.

The Face it Planet art nails set no. 1 - Purple planet contains one black nail polish (also one in set no. 2), a pearly nail polish with purple shimmers, and a multicolor glitter top coat. In the picture above, you can also find the swatches of the two nail polish sets on a nail polish display wheel. All nails have the black base color and then, on the two nails on the left, only the pearly polishes are applied over the black nail polish, and finally, on the two nails on the right, all three nail polishes are applied. The pictures that the Face Shop provided is a bit small, but you can still see that the nails look like galaxy nails.

The Face it Planet art nails no. 02 - Blue planet also has the black base nail polish, but the rest are different. It has a pearly nail polish that has blue shimmers instead of purple and the glitter top coat has an interesting mix of holographic glitters. These nail polish sets cost 6,000 won each.

Besides nail polishes, I also spotted an unusual, new color of lip tint in the Lovely ME:EX Aqua tint range. Instead of the general pink, red, and orange shades, this particular lip tint from the Face Shop has a pretty plum red color. You can see in the picture that the no.1 and 2 shades are really the normal lip tint colors, so I am surprised that they came up with this exciting new color. They named the color Bloody red and I really think the name fits well with the almost black color of the liquid lip tint, the theme seems to be vampire. ^_^

Side note: the "My lips eats cherry" printed on the lip tint tube really cracks me up. ^_^

Now something totally unrelated, but it is too cute not to share.

I am not really interested in the new CC cream trend, but Skinfood has created two cute tubes of Vita Water Drop CC cream that gives me the urge to buy it anyway. The illustrations by Water Drop Sonata are so adorable. Never thought that a rain drop could have so much cuteness.

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