Three new Etude House Juicy Cocktail gradation nails sets

Just when I was thinking about getting the orange nail polish set, the no. 1 Screwdriver of the Juicy Cocktail gradation nail sets - which seemed perfect for the Summer-, Etude House surprises me with three new nail polish sets that were added to that range. Of course, these gradation nail sets also have pretty cocktail names like their predecessors. The nail polish set no. 7, which has three very peachy colors of pink and orange, is called Crushed peach and this is really the name of an actual cocktail. Set no. 8 is the one that is shown in the large closeup picture of the nail polish bottles and it has the name Lime squash. I like this nail polish set the most, as I was looking for a pale yellow like the one that is in the set, the lime green nail polish looks very interesting, and the green glitter top coat looks complex with the light and darker green glitters. Nail polish set no. 9 is called Kahlua milk and the brown colors looks quite nice. They remind me of milk tea and chocolate (who doesn't like that? ^_^). The glitter top coat is quite unique, since I have never seen a dark brown nail polish before with gold chunky glitters.

The Etude House Juicy Cocktail gradation nails set #3 Love Violet and #4 Mint Frappe that I already own and have reviewed before on this blog, were amazing and I am now really itching to get the no. 8 Lime squash.

Etude House has also given us a sneak peak of the Be my princess MiniMe perfume (Shinee edition), which will be launched in May. The boys from the Korean boy group, Shinee, were asked about their ideal type of girl and based on that, the perfumes were created. The doll perfume bottles look very cute! 

The hair accessories on the dolls appear to be mobile phone plugs. I like the heart shaped sunglasses plug the most.

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