YSL La Laque Couture Tie and Dye

YSL has recently introduced 4 interesting Tie and Dye nail lacquers ($25) with the names: 1. Cool Coat, 2. Pop Coat, 3. Hip Coat, and 4. Ice Coat. The nail polish bottles look very cute. To me, they seem like multicolor, layered popsicles and the brush is the wooden stick.

It would be nice if this layered effect could be transferred onto the nails, but it doesn't seem to work that way. From the looks of it, you are supposed to shake the nail polish bottle for the layers to mix with each other, just like with two layer cleansing oils. After shaking it, you can apply the YSL Tie and Dye nail lacquer over a similar colored, opaque, base nail polish to enhance the color with a layer of shimmers or plainly on bare nails to get a sheer, shimmery effect. The nail lacquers seem very similar to the pa nail polish AA37 and AA39 that I have, since they also have layers that you need to shake up. You can see the effect of those pa top coats in this post, in which I tried to recreate two of the Innisfree Fruits Nail nail polishes. Those pa nail polishes have a flakies effect, whereas these YSL Tie and Dye nail lacquers have a shimmery effect. The pa nail polishes barely have any color when you wear those on bare nails, but based on swatches that I found of the YSL Tie and Dye nail lacquers, although they are sheer, the color is a lot more apparent.

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