Aritaum Wannabe Longwear Shadow and Waterproof Diamond Eye Pencils

After the very cool, two-sided Wannabe Cushion Lip Concealer and Cushion tints, Aritaum has come up with a range of eyeshadow sticks in the same style of packaging. This time, one end is a cream eyeshadow stick and the other end is an eyeshadow brush. The hairs from the brush seems to very soft and I like that you don't have to get your hands dirty. You can apply and spread out the eyeshadow with just one stick (saves space in your bag ^_^). Both sides have a sturdy cap, so you don't have to worry about the spillage that you can get with eyeshadow pacts or having used eyeshadow brushes that stains everything. 

There are in total 11 colors to choose from with again each color having their own print and they are supposed to last up to 12 hours. I don't think it can be as pretty as the Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow in the color Jade Shore from the recent L'été papillon de Chanel collection that I really want to get, but the Wannabe Longwear Shadow no. 5 - Skyler seems to be a close dupe. It also has the cute turquoise cap with black stars print, which I like the most among all the prints there. 

After applying eyeshadow, you can use these new Aritaum Waterproof Diamond Eye Pencils to further emphasize the eyes. These eyeliners have a really fun candy cane like print. It is nice that you can immediately see what color the eyeliner is from the outside. I would really like to try no. 3 and 4. These colors are quite rare for eyeliners. I have just ordered the Peripera peri's Smoothie Pencil liner set 1, which also has an unusual, red colored eyeliner.

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