Difference between BB cream and CC cream

Have you also become confused by all the BB creams and CC creams that keeps getting released?

Etude House has kindly provided a comparison between their BB cream and CC cream.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream Cotton Fit

You get picture perfect skin as it flawlessly covers pores, blemishes, and flaws, and gives you a bright and powdery complexion all day long.

Etude House CC cream

You get natural looking skin with a translucent, natural-born glow. The CC stands for correct and care, it slightly corrects the look of your skin and gives it care (8-in-1 function: anti-aging, stress relief, hydration, whitening, sun protection, tone-up, smooth texture, and luminosity).

It can also be good to mix BB cream and CC cream up to get some more coverage. With the CC cream Silky, you get a natural, matte finish and with the CC cream Glow, you get bright, glowy skin.

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