Etude House Color Pop eyeliners and nail polishes

As the day of the launch of the Etude House Color Pop collection is getting near, all products in that collection has now been revealed. I wanted to add this update to the Etude House Color Pop lipsticks post that I wrote a week ago, but that was already getting too messy and long. ^_^ The only ones that were not shown yet, are the Color Pop Drawing show creamy pencils and the Color Pop nail polishes.

Etude House Color Pop Drawing show creamy pencils

Ten new colors of eyeliners were added to the Drawing show creamy pencils line, which used to have the general eyeliner colors. This has now changed with the addition of these colorful and bright colors. I had already said that this summer would be the right time to venture into the colors that you didn't had the courage to wear before. Many makeup brands have created colors that are bright, but still do not make you look like a clown. Etude House has surely succeeded in this too. The bright colors look great combined with a simple black eyeliner and with some mascara. I really want to get the yellow and the green eyeliners. They would be great for Spring/Summer time. 

If you're planning to buy more than one of these eyeliners, it would be better to buy the Etude House Color Pop creamy pencils set, which contains 5 of the eyeliners (BK801, BR402, RD304, OR201, and PK104) and it comes in a pretty tin case. The pencils are only slightly smaller than the regular sized ones, 1.4 g of product instead of 1.9 g.

Etude House Color Pop nail polishes

As you all might know, emerald is the Pantone color of the year 2013. Etude House has based their latest nail polish collection on this color and created a range of green and blue nail polishes that perfectly complement each other. You could make the best ombre nails with these or wear one color on each nail to get a gradation in color from nail to nail as suggested by Etude House.

I personally like the CGR705, CBL601, and CBL602 nail polishes the most.

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