Etude House professional brushes

Etude House has just introduced some new makeup brushes that are a lot more professional than the ones they had before. Previously, in my 7th Gmarket order, I have bought the Etude House Eye contour brush and it was very soft, as it was made from pony hair. It was of great quality for the low price of 3,500 won. That's why, I have very high expectations for these brushes that have a higher price. Sadly, they aren't as cute as the brushes from the Etude House Sweet recipe collection that looked like chocolate sticks with colorful sprinkles. These new brushes have a sleek look due to the white and silver metallic elements.

3 in 1 multi brush with stack-able heads of an eyeliner, eyebrow brush, and eyeshadow brush (a true space saver!) 9,000 won

eyeshadow brush  6,000 won

foundation brush 11,000 won

blusher brush 11,000 won

powder brush 13,000 won

On a side note, I found out that the lovely Etude House milk talk body washes now have new and improved bottles. I really prefer having a pump dispenser for my bath products. I just don't like to squeeze the bottles, while I have slippery hands from the shampoo or shower gel. You can now only buy these in a set of two 300 ml bottles (one is a body wash and one is a body lotion) and only with the strawberry scent.

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