Gmarket Beauty box

Gmarket has just introduced the Gmarket Beauty box. The current box has three full-size Korean skincare products: the Etude House Flower moistfull cream, the banila co. it radient cc cream, and the Innisfree eco science eye cream. If you were planning to buy two of these items anyway, you can get a good deal out of this, since you get a 56% discount on the whole set. There are only 300 boxes, so if you're interested, you should act soon.

As for me, I am only curious about the cc cream and I don't really need it that much. So, I really hope that they will have more editions of Gmarket Beauty boxes in the future. I would really love to see more deals on Korean beauty products. ^_^

A Beauty box with Korean cosmetics instead of skincare products would be nice too. I think most people, like me, are already using a certain skincare product (line) and it takes a while before everything is finished. Or they are already using a skincare product that works wonders on their skin and do not want to change. It is however quite nice that you get a box filled with products from different brands, because mostly you can only get a big set of products from one brand only. I like that you get to try different brands. The discount makes it so that you practically get the product that you are not that familiar with or reluctant to try for free.  

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