HEMA sour jelly beans review

A while ago, I bought this bag of sour jelly beans from the Dutch store, HEMA. There are two kinds: the normal jelly beans and the sour jelly beans. I have tasted the real Jelly Beans before and I really prefer the sour ones over the sweet ones, which are too overly sweet for me. So when I saw that they had one bag filled with sour jelly beans for just 1.50 euro, I had to buy it. ^_^

HEMA Sour jelly beans

In total, there are 8 flavors of sour jelly beans. 
I especially took the time to taste all the flavors. It was a hard task (some flavors were harder to distinguish than others), but someone had to do it. ^_^

8 verschillende smaken HEMA sour jelly beans

pink: raspberry
blue: soda
light orange: passion fruit, tropical fruit
dark orange: orange
pale green: lime
yellow: lemon
green with red speckles: pear
red: cherry

My favorites are the the speckled green and light orange ones, but the others were really tasty too. The lemon and lime ones both had just enough sourness. I really like citrus taste, so these were high up in the list too. Next, would be the blue and the orange ones. It is a bit hard to explain how the blue jelly bean taste like, but it is really similar to the blue, soda flavored candies from Japan. If you had these before, you should know what I mean. The flavors of the pink and the red jelly beans were not really outspoken, so if you like normal, sweet candies, these should be something for you. For me, I rather want to eat the other ones as they have a really nice sour crust and a bit of sweetness in the soft center. 

Etude House Dear My Jelly lips lipsticks

These jelly beans really match with the Etude House Dear My Jelly lips lipsticks, so I took them out to take some pictures. If I showed these pictures to someone with no knowledge about Etude House, I think they might really mistake the paper packaging of the lipsticks as real paper boxes with jelly beans.


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