Improved post: Peripera Kiss Tint #4 lip swatch

After scaring someone (and myself o_O) to death with my old post "Peripera Kiss Tint #4 lip swatch", I have now made a new and improved version. I didn't even remember it looking that frightening, but I guess, this is the same feeling you get, when you look back at the old drawings that you made and old pictures you took. You might have thought it was one of your best work at the time, but as you improve, you start to notice the flaws. This kind of shock is quite good, since this means you have vastly improved. ^_^

I am sure, there must be more old posts that are just as scary (not sure, if I should look back >//<). I will try to do more improved posts in the future, if I can find the time for it and if there is an interest in them. You can also suggest a post, if you want to see better pictures of certain makeup products. I can't say for sure if I still have some of them though, they may be used or thrown out already.

The Peripera Kiss Tint 4 - Water Rose

Peripera Kiss Tint #4 - water rose

Peripera Kiss Tint #4 brush


Using the Etude House Color Me Nude lip concealer

Peripera Kiss Tint #4 lip swatches

In the first picture, you can see my bare lips. In the picture next to it, I applied the Peripera Kiss Tint no. 4 - Water rose directly onto the bare lips. The color is very vibrant red, but the color doesn't distribute on the lips as evenly as I want. I used to think that all lip tints are supposed to be this way, but that was when I still had no experience with lip tints and did not discover milky lip tints yet.

In the third picture, I applied the Etude House lip concealer on bare lips. This time, I didn't apply it like with a lipstick. That was a big mistake, back then. I just dotted some lip concealer on certain places of my lips and connected/spread out the dots with my finger. My lips looks lighter and the result looks a lot more natural. In the fourth and last picture, I applied very little of the Peripera Kiss Tint no. 4 on top of the concealed lips. It makes my lips look rosy red. It's ok, but not really worth all the trouble. I could have just applied a light pink lipstick instead.  

And just to find out whether it was my lousy photography or my bad makeup skills that made the pictures so scary, I made the same lip gradation with a thick layer of lip concealer and a lot of lip tint in the center parts of my lips.

Conclusion: it was both. ^_^ 

I think I should just save this lip look for Halloween, when I want to look like a scary female ghost from an Asian horror movie.

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