Innisfree nail polishes Summer 2013

Innisfree has finally released their Summer 2013 nail polishes. Even though I haven't even bought the lovely Innisfree Ballet girl nail polishes or the Innisfree Spring 2013 nail polishes yet, I was really curious what kind of nail polishes they would create for the Summer. There are three different nail polish collections: the Summer Green collection, the Summer Neon collection, and the Summer Sand collection.

Innisfree Summer Green Collection

This nail polish collection consists of seven nail polishes: five are normal color nail polishes and two of them are glitter nail polishes. Similar to the Chanel L'été papillon de Chanel, Summer 2013 collection and the Dior Bird of Paradise, Summer 2013 collection, greens and blues are the main colors. Although the Etude House Color Pop nail polishes happen to be all about greens and blues too, the Innisfree Summer Green nail polishes are not just aiming to have a pop of color, but really seem to be like the Chanel and Dior collections and trying to mimic the mysteriousness of exotic islands and deep, tropical oceans. The colors vary from light green to deep sea blue. The two glitter nail polishes can add an extra dimension to the green and blue nail polishes.   

I am especially curious about nail polish number 139, which seems to be a dupe of the Chanel Azure nail polish.

Innisfree Summer Neon collection

Just like Etude House, Innisfree has also decided to create some neon nail polishes for this Summer. Innisfree has four neon nail polishes in this Summer Neon collection: neon pink,  neon orange, lime green, and neon green. These happen to be colors not covered in the Etude House Summer Hot Colors nail polish collection.

Innisfree Summer Sand collection

Just when I was hoping for nail polishes with a sand texture in lighter colors than the Etude House Summer Sand nail polishes, Innisfree fulfilled my wish with these four sand nail polishes of the Innisfree Summer Sand collection. It is not the pastel colors that I was hoping for, but these colors are really a lot easier to wear. The silver, light marine blue, berry pink, and gold can be matched with any type of clothing and are not that noticeable as the dark colors.

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