Innisfree x Jill Summer 2013 eye makeup collection

Not only, are there these awesome Innisfree Summer 2013 nail polishes, Innisfree has also thought about the eyes. For these bright summer eye makeup products, they have collaborated with Jill by Jill Stuart. This is a sub-brand from Jill Stuart that seems to aim to younger girls. I could not find much about this brand, besides this Japanese website of Jill by Jill Stuart. It is the first time I heard of this brand, but I browsed through the catalog and I really want to get all the cute clothing pieces and bags. Whereas the summer collection from the Jill Stuart collection is very mature with clothes in black, white, and beige, the summer collection from Jill by Jill Stuart is very summery with lots of florals and pastels. You can really tell that is is made for the Japanese (and Asian?) market, as the style is very cute. Even though the range is quite affordable compared to the real Jill Stuart pieces, with prices ranging from about $50-$150, it is still big splurge for me to pay $50 for a t-shirt, no matter how cute. ^_^

At least, I can afford getting these makeup products.

Innisfree x Jill by Jill Stuart eye makeup collection

This collection consists of three types of products: waterproof color pop liner (9,000 won), gel liner (6,500 won), and shadow pencils (7,500 won).  

Innisfree Color Pop liner

The Innisfree Color Pop liners (not to confuse them with the Etude House Color Pop eyeliners) are waterproof liquid eyeliners available in 6 colors: purple, blue, turquoise, orange, brown and black.

Innisfree gel liners

The gel liners have a wider color selection than the liquid eye liners and you can pick one of the 10 colors shown above. Sadly, the colors are not that exiting, except for the turquoise one.  

Lastly, we have the Innisfree shadow pencils.

Innisfree shadow pencils

There are 10 different colors of shadow pencils that have a very adorable chubby crayon stick appearance. The colorful metallic ends make them extra pretty. Just for that reason, I already want to buy them all. Can you imagine how pretty they would look in a large round pencil holder and having the ends sticking out? ^_^ It is not just pretty, you can also easily get the color out that you want. Although the eyeliners were really nice, the shadow pencils are a lot more interesting for me. The pigmentation seem to be very good and there are quite some colors that I would like to get.

 These are the summer eye looks that Innisfree has created with the shadow pencils no. 1,2,3, and 4.

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