Review: Sasatinnie nail polish FCW032

I am continuing the series of green nail polish posts that I started since the "Modi nail polish 14 - Deep sea treasure" post, with this Sasatinnie nail polish FCW032. Sasatinnie is the cosmetics and skincare brand of Sasa, a large Hong Kong beauty chain store. I have shown this nail polish before in the DIY Chanel Jade dupe post and on one nail in other posts, but I wasn't able to capture the beauty of this nail polish. This time, I was a lot more successful. I have learned that there is a trick to this. It is really about controlling the amount of nail polish you put on the nail. When you put too little, the nails will look too sheer, but when you put too much, it turns into an entirely different color, a dark green. Although there are still some small sheer parts on my nails, it is exactly the color that I wanted, a true jade like color. The glossiness of the nail polish really makes it seem like my nails are made of jade.

Sasatinnie nail polish FCW032

Sasatinnie nail polish FCW032 jade greenSasatinnie nail polish FCW032 jade green

I did not use any top coat on top of this nail polish. Due to that I got some minor chipping and bumps the next day, after a day of grocery shopping. Who says doing groceries isn't hard labor? >_<
The glossiness however, did not fade away, it was still very pretty. Next time, I will use a top coat to protect the nails better. It is such a waste of those beautiful nails, but I get to wear a different nail polish again. ^_^

Sasatinnie nail polish FCW032

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