Shopping at Sephora (for the last time)

Sadly, all physical Sephora stores in the Netherlands are going to close by the end of this month. I hurried to the closest Sephora store to pick up some things that I may not be able to get anymore. Some makeup brands cannot be bought elsewhere, so I really needed to buy them now while I can. It also helps that there is a nice discount on all products. ^_^

First, I went to look at the Urban Decay makeup products. There, I found out that the Urban Decay Naked palettes were all sold out already. I really wanted to try their eye shadows for a long time, but I thought they were a bit pricy. Luckily, there were still some smaller eyeshadow palettes left and I managed to get the feminine palette.

Urban Decay the Feminine palette

 I really like the black lace, matched with the purple gradation.

Sadly, the plastic doesn't look really flattering. I think I got a faulty product too, because the plastic at the front doesn't seem to be as tightly wrapped as the other side. Still, this makes it very easy to clean and also a bit water-resistant. :)

Urban Decay the Feminine palette

 This is how it looks like when you open it.
 Urban Decay the Feminine palette opened

 There are six colors of eye shadows in there (Bordello, Skimp, AC/DC, Gunmetal, Hijack, and Lost) and a small tube of the Urban Decay Lip Junky lip gloss - Wallflower.
 content of the Urban Decay the feminine palette

 I really like the detailed cap of the lip gloss, but I am not sure how this color would look on me though.
 Urban Decay Lip junkie

Of course, I had to look at the nail polishes too. I found some interesting nails inc. nail polishes that I had to get: a pretty mauve purple nail polish, a silvery holographic top coat, and a mirror metallic, purple nail polish. 

nails inc. nail polishes

nail inc nail polishes

I also bought a coral pink nail polish from Bourjois. It is the Bourjois 10 days no chips nail polish 25 - macaron. I am in an orange/coral phase and this color really fits my taste at the moment.
  Bourjois 10 days no chips nail polish 25 - macaron

With my purchase at Sephora, I also received some samples. 

Dior samples

I don't know if I should already be using anti-age products yet, so these Dior pro-youth sorbet eye cream and multi-perfection cream samples are going to my mom. It is good that it is going to be Mother's day soon. I can add these in the gift box/bag that I will be putting together for her. ^_^

I also got a sample of the DKNY Be Delicious Fresh blossom eau so intense. I really like sweet and fruity scents, so I love it a lot. ^_^

DKNY fresh blossom eau so intense eau de parfum sample

To end this post, I have some pictures of the Sephora eyeshadow palette that I have bought a while back. I haven't shown this on my blog before yet and it seemed appropriate to put it in this post too.  

Sephora eyeshadow palette
Sephora eyeshadow palette

Sephora eyeshadow palette eyeshadow colors
Sephora eyeshadow palette lip colors
Sephora eyeshadow palette lip colors - close-up

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