Skin Food's second Eva Armisén collection

Skin Food has teamed up with the Spanish illustrator, Eva Armisén, for the second time. Last winter, she had already worked on a small collection for Skin Food and the products were decorated by her characteristic illustrations. After that successful collaboration, there had to be a second collection. This time, the theme seems to be happiness and family. The colorful illustrations show us happy, loving parents and cute siblings. The pictures exude a childlike innocence, almost as if they were scribbles made by a child. The world that the characters are living in, is fun, colorful, and uncomplicated. 

The Eva Armisén for Skin Food 2nd collection consists of:
- a bottle of body wash and a bottle of body lotion with the smell of pink grapefruit.
- a tube of handcream with the smell of pink grapefruit
- a can of facial mist with the smell of pink grapefruit 
- a tube of Aloe sun BB cream
- an Aloe Sun pact

All of these have two designs that you can choose from. They would be a perfect gift for mother's day (and father's day too! Not just moms, need to pamper themselves once in a while. ^_^).

This trend of hiring an illustrator to do the design for beauty products is something I would like to encourage (by buying them ^_^). Instead of plain, simple bottles and jars, I rather want to collect little pieces on art that I can display in my room. The Korean brand, Peripera, has also worked with an illustrator and the designs from Mari Kim are just too cute. Their latest peri's Smoothie Pencil liner sets for example, have an adorable tin case.

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