Banila co. Summer 2013 - Acid color collection

Whereas Sulli was wearing green on her eyes and orange on her cheeks and lips for the Etude House Color pop collection, Jessica is also turning heads with her bold blue eye makeup and orange lips for Banila co. Summer 2013 collection with the name Acid color. I can already see where it comes from, the acid orange and pinks for the lips look very eye catching.

 In the promotional picture, you can see all the colors that are in this Acid color collection. I really like that you can see them all organized in one place, just like what Banila co. previously did with their Spring 2013 Floral Waltz collection.
Floral Waltz

I will be following the order in the poster, so let's start with the Gell Cake Shadows first.

There are 5 colors of Gell Cake Shadows (from left to right): 01 Tan, 02 Bronze, 03 Sunrise, 04 Ocean, and 05 Green grass. These are cream gel eye shadows similar to the Maybelline Color Tattoo.

In this Acid color collection, there are also 8 nail polishes (4 color and 4 metallic glitter nail polishes). I never knew Banila co. also had nail polishes, but the teal nail polish (TR04) looks quite good. ^_^

I have never used lip tint pencils before that were this thin, but the colors of these three Acid Color lip tint pencils look very beautiful and pigmented.

There are 6 colors of Acid color Quick sleek eyeliners: blue, black, brown, purple, pink, and turquoise. These really look similar to the eSpoir Funky pop liquid eyeliners, except Banila co. doesn't have one in orange.

The Acid color Glam muse luster lipsticks come in two colors: orange and pink.

There are 6 colors of auto stick shadows in this Banila co. Acid color collection: 01 White dew, 02 Peach pink, 03 Gold wave, 04 Bronze city, 05 Green lake, and 06 Blue marine. I especially like the blue eye shadow stick.  ^_^

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