Etude House Ribbon tumbler

I already have the insulated Starbucks tumbler with a domed cup lid, which is specifically meant for cold drinks, on my wish list for a long time and Etude House just made one with an adorable pink polka dot ribbon. It also has a cute, pink, transparent straw, which is re-usable. The tumbler can hold 560 ml (16 oz) of cold drinks, which leaves you with plenty of room for ice cubes. It is also quite affordable, as it only costs 7,500 won for such a large tumbler.

In the promotional picture of the tumbler, Sulli has the same beautiful mermaid look as in the Etude House Bling in the Sea collection pictures. To be honest, I haven't noticed before that Sulli was wearing those pretty turquoise extensions in her hair. I thought it was her clothes that were in that color. ^_^

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