Gmarket order #13

I have made this order from Gmarket a while ago, but I haven´t found the time to write about it yet and I also wanted to review most of the items I got from the previous order first. I am really having a hard time waiting until after I made pictures and wrote a review about it, before I can finally use it. It must be the same for food bloggers. Even though they really want to dig in immediately after having a delicious meal put in front of them (they are not passionate and blogging about food for nothing), they first need to take pictures from every beautiful angle and later they find out it has gotten cold (or warm for that matter). :)

Let's have a look at the large box that I had received.

unboxing of 13th Gmarket order

This time, I cannot really take a picture of the opened box, since they taped two boxes together like that. I only bought from three sellers, so there are just these three boxes inside.

three packages

I will open the smallest box on top first.

Aritaum purchases

After being really impressed by the promotional pictures and video of the Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tints, I had to buy them. I bought three colors (Summer, Janet, and Nikita) and the lip concealer (Clair). I have reviewed them here

Aritaum Wannabe Cushion tints: summer, janet, and nikita. Lip concealer.

This was before I knew that Modi was going to be releasing those bright summer neon nail polishes and pastel nail polishes, so I bought three bright Modi Juicy Nails nail polishes, which would be perfect for the summer, and four nail polishes of the older Modi Glam Nails nail polishes. This is the first time, I have bought the Modi Juicy Nails versions and I hope they are as good as the Modi Glam Nails nail polishes that I have bought many of. In the past, I have also wrote about the Modi Art Nails sets and I got two of those.    

Modi nail polishes: Glam nails, juicy nails, and art nails sets.

Because I really loved the roses print of the Modi Water Decal sheets, I got that one as well.

Modi water decal

Now, onto the second box.

Missha purchases

Missha purchases

It is filled with the things I bought from the official Missha store. It is the first time, I bought from them and because they had an internationally shipping launch event, they gave a lot of freebies. The first thing that is right on top is the box with three tubes of the Missha Creamy Latte Cleansing Foams. The set comes with three different scents: chocolate, green tea and strawberry. You can also get a set with three tubes of the same scent, but you know me, I like to try different things. When having desserts, I rather get small bits and pieces of different desserts than one large piece of cake. ^_^

Missha Creamy Latte Cleansing Foams: chocolate, strawberry, green tea.

These are the other things I bought from Missha.

Missha purchases

The two large silver tubes on top are the Missha Procure hair treatments.

Missha procure hair treatments

As freebies, I got this beautiful, large box of soaps, the Missha the Style Glam Fit Gloss (given at random, and how lucky, I got the orange one!), and two small bottles of the Missha Near Skin Firming Peptide extra vital toner and concentrating emulsion.

Missha freebies

Espoir purchases

It was also around that time that I discovered eSpoir and there happened to be a sale going on. Somehow, I ended up getting 7 eSpoir lip products. ^_^ 

7 eSpoir lip products

Taken out of the pretty packaging.

eSpoir lip products

eSpoir lip products

Final group picture of all the things I bought.

Gmarket purchases

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