HEMA chalky eyeshaders review

After falling in love with the eSpoir Spring 2013 eye liners in peachy pink and turquoise, I really had a hard time keeping myself from spending 17,000 won each on those. It would be alright if I use it often, but here in the Netherlands, it is almost never sunny. I cannot really imagine myself walking out on the street with those bright colors on my eyes, when the weather looks gloomy. ^_^

HEMA Chalky eyeshaders in orange and green review

As an affordable alternative, I bought two eyeliners in similar shades from theHEMA (a Dutch department store) for just 3 euros each. You might remember this brand from their nail polishes that I have reviewed before. They have improved their cosmetics range too, so I had to give them a try.

The HEMA Chalky eyeshaders are part of the HEMA S/S 2013 makeup collection and come in 5 colors: yellow, green, blue, purple, and orange. As you might have noticed, I have gotten the ones in orange and green. These colorful eyeliners are chubby pencil like sticks and have a sturdy transparent cap. I am surprised how light these are and how they sound hollow when they hit each other. I have never had that with my other eyeliners. ^_^   

HEMA chalky eyeshaders in orange and green

Used on my eyes, the HEMA Chalky eyeliners really live up to their names and they have a "chalky", matte look. They are not smudge proof or waterproof, so sadly wearing this at the pool or at the beach would be a no go. At least, not when you are planning to get in the water. Just sun tanning would be just fine. ^_^ 

I don't know how they compare with the eSpoir eyeliners that I want, but the pictures that I made seem to be really similar to the swatches that the company provided.

HEMA S/S 2013 Chalky eyeshader orange

HEMA chalky eyeshaders orange

HEMA chalky eyeshaders orange - eye closed

HEMA S/S 2013 Chalky eyeshader green

HEMA S/S 2013 Chalky eyeshader green

HEMA S/S 2013 Chalky eyeshader green - eye closed

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