Lacvert Real Food Recipe Honey Nutrition Mask review

Lacvert Real Food Recipe sheet masks in my 12th Gmarket order. In that set, there are two sheet masks of every kind in that range (Pomegranate, Honey, Tomato, Olive, and Avocado) - See more at:
After the Lacvert Real Food Recipe Pomegranate Brightening mask, I am now going to review the Honey Nutrition Mask. These Lacvert Real Food Recipe sheet masks were bought in my 12th Gmarket order and I still have the Tomato, Olive, and Avocado ones left to try.

Lacvert Real Food Recipe Honey Nutrition Mask review

I really like how the color scheme and the illustration on the packaging is very different for each kind of these masks. The Pomegranate mask was orange & pink and this mask is lime green & orange. The illustration on the front is always a clear picture of the main ingredient and with scribbles around it. This time, you see a piece of honeycomb and bees holding jugs and delivering the honey. ^_^

As most things are the same as the Lacvert Pomegranate Brightening mask that I have previously reviewed, I won't be repeating myself here. You can read that review, if you want to know more.

My opinion on the sheet mask:

I have used two of these Pomegranate sheet masks (2 in a row, with 3 days in between) - See more at:
This Honey Nutrition mask contains Manuka honey (500ppm) and the honey scent is really sweet and nice, not artificial at all. The scent is a lot more present than the diluted pomegranate juice scent that the Pomegranate mask had. The Lacvert Honey Nutrition Mask promises to provide nutrition to the skin, giving you healthy looking skin. I don't really know how you determine if your skin has gotten nutrition or not. What I can say about this sheet mask is that the next day after applying this mask, my face did get a bit of a rosy glow. My skin wasn't shiny, which was the case before with the Pomegranate sheet mask from the same brand. Again, I couldn't find any dryness on my face and my skin got softer than with the Pomegranate one. I would just repurchase this sheet mask for the delicious honey scent. ^_^

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