Modi neon nail polishes (+other additions)

Not just Etude House, Innisfree, and Tony Moly have made some pretty neon nail polishes for this summer, Modi has also joined the party. I have always find it hard to wear neon nail polish on my nails, as it can be way too showy for my taste. But some of the recent ones and also these new, neon Modi nail polishes have some really mellow neon colors. I don't mind giving neon on my nails a try. ^_^

First off, these are the new additions to the Modi Juicy Nails line, no. 27-34. All of these have really pretty neon colors. I especially like the peachy orange, the coral, and the two green ones.

Additions to the Modi nail polish lines are never small (as shown by the last Modi nail polish additions), so of course there are more.

This picture underneath just shows you a glimpse of what is to come, but it already looks very promising. 

Modi has yet to release the full nail polish bottle chart, so for now, I can only show you the color chart that they have provided on their website.

From the looks of it, the pop art trend is still going strong as the Modi Glam Nails range has added a range of colors that really "pop". ^_^ Besides the normal pinks, orange, purples, and reds, it seems apparent that green and blue nail polishes are a must-have for the coming summer season.

As I really like glitter nail polishes, I am very happy to see 11 new Modi glitter nail polishes. Although the pictures are a bit blurry, I have already spotted some special ones. The black and yellow glitter mix nail polish reminds me of a bumble bee and the two pastel glitter nail polishes are totally my cup of tea. ^_^

Once again, I feel like I cannot keep up with all the pretty new releases of Modi nail polishes, but it is still a very happy feeling. Having an overflowing amount of beautiful nail polishes for me to choose from, what's not to like?

All pictures from Modi and edited by me.

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