Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint and Lip Concealer swatches

As I have shown you in my 13th Gmarket order post, I bought the Aritaum Cushion Tints in the colors Summer, Janet, and Nikita. I also got the lip concealer with the name Clair. These are part of the first range of Wannabe Cushion Tints and if you haven't seen them yet, the second range of colors is very beautiful too.

Aritaum Wannabe Cushion tint: Nikita, Janet, and Summer. Lip Concealer (Clair)

The packaging of the Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tints

As you can see in the picture above, the Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tints have very colorful prints on them, which is different for each color. It is the first time, I have seen products from the same range looking so different. The caps with the names on them have a different print than the print on the body of the Cushion Tint stick, so it was a bit difficult for me to put the cap back to the right stick. Later, I found out that you can actually see the color of the Cushion Tint on the top of the cap and as the main color in the print of the cap. The caps snap on and off like those on markers, so you don't have to fear that it will come off, after being thrown around in your makeup bag. The cap of one of my eyeliners doesn't close properly anymore and it keeps causing a mess, so I understand the importance of a good closing cap now. ^_^

details of the Aritaum wannabe cushion tints

On the other end of the Cushion Tint stick is a transparent plastic cap, covering the cushion applicator. The cushion applicator is made of similar material as the famous beauty blender sponge. It doesn't absorb much of the product and is able to spread it out very easily.  

cushion end of the Aritaum Wannabe Cushion tint

Swatches of the Aritaum Wannabe cushion tints on tissue paper

I have swatched the lip concealer (Clair) and the three colors (Janet, Nikita, and Summer) on white tissue paper underneath. The left swatch is one swipe and the right swatch is swiped very lightly and smudged out afterwards. Clair has a brownish beige color, which leans to the warm side. Janet is a cherry red color that looks fuchsia pink if you smudge it out a bit. Nikita is a tomato red color that can look orange under certain lights. Summer is a carrot orange color that becomes easier to wear on your lips, when you smudge it out.

Swatches of the Aritaum Wannabe cushion tints on tissue paper

Swatches on my arm

When swatched on my arm, you can see that although the color is matte, it is still a little bit moisturizing.

Swatches of the Aritaum Wannabe cushion tints on arm

Smudge test

While editing the pictures, I noticed that the left picture isn't in the same order as the swatches, but it should be alright since I added the names in there. As shown in the picture, the Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tints aren't smudge proof. But since it is a lip tint, it leaves a trace of color even after the top layer of color wears off.

Smudge test of the Aritaum wannabe cushion tints

Compared to the promotional pictures

Compared to the pictures on the website from Aritaum, color no.4 - Janet is in reality more of a deep cherry red and it is only fuchsia pink as in the promotional picture, if you put a very light layer on your lips. Nikita is indeed a normal red, but with some orange tones in it. Summer is sadly not at all like in the pictures, it really is a bright carrot orange and you need to have very red lips yourself for it to look that way.

Pictures from Aritaum was used and this picture is edited by me.
Since I already used a lot of pictures here and because I don't have time to edit the other pictures yet, I will post the pictures of the Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tints on my lips the next time.

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