Review: eSpoir Lip Color Essence CR501 - Coral Beads

I bought eSpoir cosmetics for the first time in my 13th Gmarket order and today, I will be reviewing one of them, the eSpoir Lip Color Essence CR501 - Coral Beads. It has a very pretty coral color, so that's why I had to buy to buy it. ^_^

eSpoir Lip Color Essence review
The eSpoir Lip Color Essence comes in a very interesting tube that I have never seen before. The applicator is covered by a transparent cap and you need to squeeze the tube to get the product out. The tube is very similar to a plastic straw, but then a bit thicker than the regular ones. To be exact, it is almost like the straws used to drink bubble tea with. It also reminds me a bit of the kind of candy that looked like straws filled with colored and flavored sugar that I ate when I was a kid. ^_^

The paper packaging it comes in, has a very funky dark blue and fuchsia letter print. The box is not like the lipstick boxes that I am used to. It is flatter and longer.

eSpoir Lip Color Essence packaging

At the back of the packaging, you can find a short description of this product (sadly, no ingredients list in English). Basically, it is a very moisturizing lip gloss. The small drop of lip gloss that I applied on my arm already looks very promising. The color pay-off seems to be quite good.

eSpoir Lip Color Essence CR501 - Coral beads review

It has a comfortable, slanted applicator. Although the applicator looks very pretty, it is a bit hard to control the amount that you squeeze out.

eSpoir Lip Color Essence applicator

eSpoir Lip Color Essence applicator

When I applied the eSpoir Lip Color Essence on my lips, I noticed the sweet strawberry candy scent. It smells very good, but sadly, it tastes a bit like plastic (which luckily goes away quite fast). I don't know which is better, a good smelling lip product that tastes bad or a bad smelling lip product that tastes good. I have to say, it is the best when it scores good in both areas. ^_^

How it looks on my lips

As expected, my pigmented lips made the color not show up at all. I needed to apply three coats to create the result that you see underneath. I do have to applaud its ability to cover my pigmented lips and made it look milky pink (even though, I needed to apply a lot of it ^_^). 

eSpoir Lip Color Essence on lips, swatch

My final opinion:

The eSpoir Lip Color Essence looked very pretty at first, but the applicator is a bit hard to use and the color didn't really show on my lips. It does do what it promises: my lips feel moisturized and didn't get chapped for at least two days. The strange taste and the stickiness are things that I cannot look over, so I won't be repurchasing this.

Just to show you why I got so disappointed by the color pay-off, I included the promotional picture from eSpoir underneath.  Can you see the difference? I am even thinking that I got a different color, but in the right paper packaging.

Picture from eSpoir.

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