Etude House Sweet Bubble Play and other new releases

Etude House has yet again released some very cute items that I cannot wait to get my hands on. First off, is the very cute Sweet Bubble Play cupcakes. They are sold in a transparent plastic container with a dome lid. It really looks like something you can eat, but it is actually made of soap. 

The Etude House Sweet Bubble Play products are DIY items to create your own soap with. You first start with the Sweet Bubble Play base, which is the brown cupcake cup filled with fluffy and creamy soap. There are 5 "flavors" you can choose from: mint, lemon, strawberry, cream, and blueberry.

Then you can use the Sweet Bubble Play topping sets to decorate your one of a kind cupcake. For little soaps, these toppings are quite detailed. I really like the blue bears. ^_^
I don't know if I am able to use the soap after decorating it so prettily.

Etude House's 3rd Nail Mini collection of 2013: Nail & Body Painting sets

After the Fashion Queen nail polish sets and the Pink Prism nail polishes, Etude House has launched their 3rd Nail Mini Collection, the Nail & Body Painting nail polish sets. I was already thinking how to wear the very popular neon nail polishes for this summer and Etude House has just provided me with a solution. You can combine it with a nail polish in a nude color. Not having your whole nail in a striking neon color, makes it a lot more wearable and the nude color makes the neon color pop even more. 

There are 3 different sets with each two nail polishes (one neon and one nude color), one nail decal sheet, and one temporary tattoo sheet. I really want to get set number 1, because of the temporary tattoo that looks like angel wings. It would look great on my bare back. ^_^

Etude House Ice Shot Freeze foam and Sleeping mist

I already thought that the cooling function of the Tony Moly Aqua Aura Cooling Cushion CC cream was pretty amazing, but Etude House has come up with two Ice Shot products that cools you down too. The Ice Shot Freeze foam is one of the strangest products I have ever seen. It sprays out like a foam and after it hardens, you can peel it off in one piece.

Although the Freeze foam would be a lot of fun to surprise friends with, I rather want to get the Etude House Ice Shot Sleeping Mist. During the humid summer nights, I really have a hard time falling asleep and a cooling face mist would be great. It is called a jelly mist, so I really wonder how that feels like on the skin.

Etude House Vivid Pop Sticks

Although I have just recently gotten the chubby Peripera lip crayons, I don't think I can keep myself from buying one of these Vivid Pop sticks from Etude House. While those from Peripera only has 3 colors, these have 8 different colors. I really like how pigmented the colors are and that you can build the color up as much as you want.

Not a new product, but the Baby Choux Base from the Etude House Sweet Recipe collection is now being sold in a convenient tube. I really think that the frosted jars were really pretty, but this is a lot more hygienic and makes it easier to take out the right amount of product.

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