Laneige summer makeup looks

Laneige has recently released the Summer Fever collection and they have created two summer looks, Orange Fever and Pink Fever, using the makeup products from this collection.

The Laneige Summer Fever collection consists of:
1. Summer Fever lipstick in the colors Orange Fever and Pink Fever.
2. Volume Setting Waterproof Mascara.
3. Creamy Crystal Eyeliner Waterproof in four colors.
4. Professional selection shadow.

Orange Fever makeup look

 As the name suggests, this look is all about orange. First, the Laneige Professional selection shadow, which is a pearly white, shimmery eyeshadow, is applied on the eyelids and on the under lash line. The brown eyeliner was used to line the eyes and the yellow eyeliner was applied above the brown line, almost like an eyeshadow. The brown emphasizes the eyes and the yellow gives you bright eyes. The lipstick that was used is the Laneige Summer Fever lipstick in the color Orange Fever. They also used this lipstick as a blush by slightly dotting it on the cheeks and smudging it out. I really like the color of this lipstick! ^_^

Instruction video on how to create the Orange Fever look:

Pink Fever makeup look

The Pink Fever look is also very interesting for me, as I have been trying to figure out how to wear my pastel green HEMA eyeliner or the bright green eyeliners that I have been wanting to get ( such as Etude House Color pop eyeliner GR701).  Even though they used quite a bold fuchsia pink color (Laneige Summer Fever lipstick in the color Pink Fever) on the lips, it works very well with the green-blue eyeliner. They first used the darker blue eyeliner to line the eyes and the lighter green-blue eyeliner was used above it. Again, the same color of lipstick was used as the blush.

Instruction video on how to create the Pink Fever look:

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