Review: Missha The Style nail polish Gem Stone - Ruby

Today, I will be reviewing the third Missha The Style Gem Stone nail polish and its name is Ruby. As the name suggests, it is a very sparkly, red glitter nail polish. I don't know if you have seen them already, but I have also reviewed Citrine (orange glitter nail polish) and Amethyst (purple glitter nail polish). The only one left is Aquamarine (blue glitter nail polish). 

Again, I choose a base color that matches with the color of the glitter nail polish. I used the Peripera nail polish BR202 - Modern Beige. Even though, they consider it a beige color with pink tones, I would rather say that it is a pale pink with grey tones. This nail polish is one of my prettiest neutral pink nail polishes, together with the Sasatinnie nail polish FCCHO004.

Peripera nail polish BR202 - Modern Beige

Afterwards, I applied the Missha Gem Stone nail polish - Ruby on top. It is glitter nail polish with hexagonal glitters in red, purple, and pink. It also has a clear, red base and red star glitters.

  Missha Gem Stone nail polish - Ruby

In the pictures, you can still see a bit of the Peripera Modern Beige nail polish peeking out. I really wasn't lying, when I said that the clear base actually has a very visible color. Although it looks very glossy right after application, it dries up to a semi-matte finish. If I have to describe it, it is actually really similar to the effect of a lip tint. It seems to "stain" the nails with color and it is a little bit glossy. You might have gotten scared by the word "stain", but the removal of the glitter nail polish was very easy. After covering the nails for a couple of minutes with a cotton pad with nail polish remover, the base coat completely disappeared and the glitters could be scraped off with the nails easily. 

Missha Gem Stone nail polish - Ruby
Missha Gem Stone nail polish - Ruby

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