Peripera peri's tint gloss

Just when I was about to decide on which of the Korean dupes of the YSL Glossy Stain (including the new A'pieu 1-2-3 Perfect Lips) to get, Peripera released the peri's tint gloss. It is another lip product for me to consider. >_<

The plastic packaging is not very luxurious looking, but the cute illustration by Mari Kim kind of makes up for it. She has created another new character for Peripera and this time, it is a girl with long brown hair and side bangs. She looks very classy with her diamond necklace, fuchsia mini dress, and pearl bracelets. Besides having fuchsia nails and lips, she didn't forget to accentuate her eyes with black eyeliner and to add a cute black heart on her left cheek. 

Just like the A'pieu 1-2-3 Perfect Lips, the color is buildable in three steps.

There are 7 colors to choose from and once again, I can't really decide on the color, since they are all very pretty. The price is 10,000 won and it is very comparable to the other Korean lip products that I have found with the same effect. On the left, you can see the color lightly applied on the lips and on the right, it is fully applied to truly showcase the color.

These are the names of the colors (translated by me):
1. Pink Jane
2. Bubble Pink
3. Milky Orange
4. Red orange
5. Fashion Pink
6. Sweet Cherry
7. ...  Plum

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