Review: Albert Heijn Ice Cream

Because of the hot weather, I don't really want to sit behind the computer and write posts that much. That's why I have been posting a bit less lately. I have also started watching the Korean show "Appa odiga?" and I just couldn't stop watching, because it is so funny. ^_^ 

So, today I will get back to writing again with something very refreshing. Not about skincare or cosmetics like I normally do, but an ice cream review.

Albert Heijn ice cream pints

Albert Heijn is a local supermarket here in the Netherlands and they have developed 4 different flavors of ice creams in pints similar to Ben & Jerry's. The two flavors shown above are Cheesecake bites and Cookies in love. I have added a Bahlsen cookie too, which is a chocolate flavored biscuit with a thick layer of chocolate on top. Double chocolate. ^_^

Albert Heijn Cheesecake bites

It is a strawberry ice cream with little bits of cookie crumbs and strawberries. You can really taste the delicious strawberry flavor, but the mascarpone cheese makes it very heavy on the stomach. 

Albert Heijn cheesecake bites

Albert Heijn Cookies in love

It is a vanilla ice cream with large chunks of cookie dough and crispy chocolate hearts. I really like the chocolate hearts, it reminds me of Italian stracciatella ice cream. The cookie dough chunks were a bit hard and too big. It would have been better if they were a bit smaller in size.

Albert Heijn Cookies in love

In the picture above, you can see the Albert Heijn Chunk Explosion and Totally nuts ice creams.

Albert Heijn Chunk Explosion

Albert Heijn chunk explosion

It is a chocolate ice cream with chunks of white and dark chocolate and walnuts. It is very close in taste with my favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor, the New York Super Fudge Chunk. Out of the 4 flavors reviewed in this post, this is my favorite ice cream.

Albert Heijn Totally Nuts

Albert Heijn totally nuts

It is a caramel ice cream with sugared pieces of pecan nuts. I don't really like caramel ice cream that much, since they always seem to be overly sweet. But this one is quite nice, not too sweet and you are tasting the crunchy, sugared pieces of pecan nuts the most.

Price: 3.75 euro for a 500 ml. pint.

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