Clio Lipnicure

The latest lip product from Clio is the Clio Lipnicure. It promises to give your lips color that is as long-lasting  as a manicure. The bottles were made to look like nail polish bottles and there is also a bottle of transparent Lipnicure top coat. It is just like a top coat for nails, it gives you glossy lips and acts as a protective coat. Dara from 2NE1 was able to express the different moods very well in the promotional pictures underneath. I especially like the coral lip color in the middle. ^_^

There are in total 8 different lip colors and one transparent top coat. The Clio Lipnicure dries up to a matte finish on the lips. It reminds me a bit of the Missha M ever lasting lacquer rouge and the lip top coat, since it is also smudge-proof and you can also add a glossy finish by applying the top coat. The main thing that bothers me with lipsticks is that it gets on everything, so I think it is great that it gives you the full color of a lipstick and it doesn't budge.

These are the names of the 8 lip colors:
1. Trouble Peach
2. Nasty Pink
3. Crime Pink
4. Cynical Orange
5. Revenge Pink
6. Rumor Coral
7. Tension Red
8. Guilty Pink

The applicator is slightly curved in the middle to take up enough product to apply on your lips.

The order of applying to get the best results is: Clio lip primer -> Clio lip concealer -> Clio Lipnicure -> Clio Lipnicure Top coat.

In this video, you can see the background scenes of the photo shoot for the promotional pictures of the Clio Lipnicure featuring Dara, which you can find in the first picture of this post. The Lipnicure colors shown are Tension Red, Rumor Coral, and Guilty Pink.

In this video, you can see Dara incorporating the Clio Lipnicure into various looks.

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