Etude House Alphabet sheet masks

I really like to use sheets masks, so I was very happy to find yet another new sheet mask range for me to try out. Etude House has created a sheet mask flavor for each letter of the alphabet and also a special heart sheet mask. As a true romantic, I directly saw what they were aiming at. I "heart" (insert someone's name).

I really think this would be a nice gift to receive. I can however be a bit dense sometimes, so I probably wouldn't get the meaning if someone gave this selection of masks to me all prettily packaged and bundled into a stack. It would be better to add a note on top saying, read the letters carefully following the order, or to just lay the sheet masks out on the floor for easy reading.

Besides the lovely heart sheet mask and maybe also all the letters of my name, I am also interested in the Yogurt Strawberry, Bulgarian Rose, Green Tea, Dandelion, and Fig sheet masks.

This is the lists of all the Etude House Alphabet sheet masks and their functions:
A. Aloe, soothing relief
B. Bulgarian Rose, brightening
C. Collagen, firming
D. Dandelion, revitalizing
E. Elder Flower, soothing & moisturizing
F. Fig, purifying
G. Green tea, moisture & relief
H. Hyaluronic Acid, richly moisturizing
I. Immortelle, energizing & nourishing
J. Job's Tears, revitalizing & smoothing
K. Korean Ginsing, revitalizing & nourishing
L. Lemon, tone clarifying
M. Mango, nourishing and firming
N. Noni, revitalizing
O. Olive, deep moisture
P. Pomegranate, smooth elasticity
Q. Q10, tightening & firming
R. Royal Jelly, smooth hydration
S. Shea Butter, richly nourishing
T. Tea Tree, trouble care
U. Unpolished Rice, firming & nourishing
V. Vitamin Complex, radiating skin
W. White Pearl, bright complexion
X. Xylitol Forest, clean moisture
Y. Yogurt strawberry, soft & moist
Z. Zucchini, nourishing & moisturizing
Heart. 5 berry complex, antioxidant

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