Gmarket order #14

It seems like a long time ago since my last Gmarket order, but I have already made many more orders in the mean time. I just don't post about them right away, like I used to. Partially, because I am getting lazy, but also because I really want to review most of the items I bought first, before I show you more items. It also somewhat pressures me to write the reviews faster, because I can't open and use the products that I have bought, before I have properly taken pictures and reviewed them.   

Let's open the box and see what I had bought.

Unboxing Gmarket order #14

Etude House purchases

Naturally, I bought something from Etude House again. I got the Clear Cleansing Water from the Etude House I'm Blooming line, two bottles of the milk talk body washes (apple and milk), and five bottles of nail polishes. 

Etude House purchases

Peripera purchases

From Peripera, I bought two D.I.Y. Magic Nail Kits and the peri's Smoothie Pencil Liner set 1, which I have written about before over here.

peripera purchases

Modi nail polishes

After seeing the new Modi Glam Nails of the S-series, I had to buy some. In total, I picked out 11 new nail polishes. But because last time, they packed the nail polishes in boxes of 6, I bought a back-up of the Modi Juicy Nails no. 19 just to make sure that the boxes won't have an empty gap, which could result to leaking nail polish bottles during shipping. My concerns were unnecessary as they have individually packed the nail polish bottles in thick bubble wrap.

Modi nail polishes

From the same shop, I also bought two more Aritaum Wannabe Cushion tints: April and Blondie.

Aritaum wannabe cushion tints: april and blondie

LG skincare purchases

From the LG shop, I bought two jars of Lacvert Hyaluron cream, just to get all four kinds of sheet masks for me to try.

Lacvert hyaluron cream and sheet masks
Lacvert hyaluron cream and sheet masks

Missha purchases

After buying from the Missha store for the first time and having a nice shopping experience (lots of freebies and good packaging), I went to buy something from them again. There was a 1+1 deal on the Missha Signature Glam Art Triple Lips, so I bought it to try.

Missha signature Glam art triple lips

The Missha Time Revolution products are really famous, so I bought a Bestseller trial kit containing a small bottle of both the First Treatment Essence and the Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule. As freebies, I received a Fabric Refresher spray and two samples of the Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule, which was neatly packed in bubble wrap.

Missha Time Revolution bestseller trial kit
Missha samples

banila co. purchases

At the time, the banila co. shop opened up for international shipping and they gave you many gifts with purchase. I bought a bottle of the banila co. Miss Water & Mr Oil SLM Moisture Skin (the box in the left) and received the rest for free. ^_^

banila co. purchases

Innisfree purchases

The Innisfree shop also started with international shipping and had a gift event, but it didn't go as well as with banila co.

I bought enough to receive a 10 piece sample kit, but they send the Innisfree products out, each in individual boxes (very space consuming) and gave me the samples based on the price of the single product instead of the total purchase.   

Innisfree no sebum mineral pact
innisfree jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam
Innisfree olive toner

You would think that packing them in individual boxes would at least make sure that the products arrive safely, but the bottle of Innisfree green tea body wash has leaked during transport. They had only wrapped the bottle in one thin layer of bubble wrap and put it in a box half filled with those white foam puffs. I think it would be alright for domestic shipping, but it didn't survive during the long international shipping process. I talked about it with a Gmarket customer service employee and they nicely took care of it for me. After a week or so, I got compensated for this.  

Innisfree green tea body cleanser

The whole experience with Innisfree wasn't so pleasant, but at least, I managed to get the 10+10 deal on the Innisfree sheet masks.

Innisfree sheet masks

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