Innisfree Color Glow lipsticks

Not only Etude House has burgundy red lipsticks for this F/W season, Innisfree has also released some very pretty lipsticks in this color. I really like the shade that Yoona from the Korean girl group SNSD is wearing in the campaign picture. It looks very sophisticated, matched with the trench coat.

The Innisfree Color Glow lipsticks has 10 different colors and the two purple toned lipsticks seem to be the most interesting. They have a very pretty, mysterious glow to them.

Lipstick colors 1 to 3 are nude lip colors that would look nice with smokey eyes.
Lipstick colors 4 to 7 are the trendy burgundy pink based colors, perfect for this F/W season.  
Lipstick colors 8 to 10 are three very likeable, lovely colors.

I seem to be ahead of the trends, because I recently bought the eSpoir no wear sheer lipstick RD202 and the eSpoir no wear touch lipstick PK009 that seem to be the same color as the no. 5 and no. 8.

When you compare them with the Innisfree Creamy tint lipsticks, the Innisfree Color Glow lipsticks look moist and shiny on the lips, whereas the Creamy tint lipsticks have sharp looking colors and are more long lasting.   

The Innisfree Color Glow lip lacquers have matching colors with the lipsticks and they can be used to add an even glossier coat on the lips.

Innisfree has also recently released a whole new range of Eco Nail Colors Pro nail polishes. Earlier this year, they had released a Pro version of their peel off base coat and now there is a whole collection of Pro nail polishes. Among the many colors, there is also a burgundy red nail polish that would look nice with the lipstick.

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