Missha M Prism Dot Block Blusher

The Missha M Prism Dot Block Blusher has a metallic pink case and a very pretty, prismatic pattern on the cover. There are two blusher palettes: 1. Pink Block and 2. Peach Block.

I was the most intrigued by the strange dotted pattern - it looks a bit like the pattern on quail eggs - on the two blush color blocks (number 2 and 3). Number 1 is the highlighter and number 4 is the shading color.  As the name suggests, the first blusher gives a pink color to your cheeks and the other blusher has an orange, peachy color. Whereas the shading color looks the same for both blushers, the highlighter color is made to match with the blusher colors. The first blusher has a highlighter color with a pink undertone and the second blusher has a highlighter color with a beige undertone.

It is great that Missha also provided a simple tutorial on where to apply the highlighter and the shading color. I have actually never done this kind of thing before, so it could have gone very wrong if I didn't get any instructions. ^_^ 

The Missha M Prism Glow Powder Pact and M Prism Glow Two-way Cake also have a similar packaging, but then in blue and in rose gold.

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