New Tony Moly Fruit Princess lip glosses

Back then, when Tony Moly introduced the seven, different, cute little Fruit Princess lip glosses, I already wanted to get them. But because I use a lot of lip gloss, the small size of those lip glosses was the main reason why I didn't buy them. I would have used up one of those in just one or two days. It was really not worth the money, no matter how cute.

But now, Tony Moly has created a new and improved version of those lip glosses and I can't find any reason not to buy them anymore. The Fruit Princesses have gotten a cute red cape, reminiscent of Red Riding Hood. They have become even more adorable, if that is even possible. ^_^

I don't know about the formula, but the most visible differences is that the cap has become longer and easier to hold, the container has become long instead of short and chubby, and the content seems to have become more (4.9 g). The price of 7,800 won each is quite reasonable as I remember the older version with a very small bottle cost about 7,000 won too.

I also just found out that I am not that up to date with some of the Tony Moly releases. I somehow totally missed out on the cute CatChu Wink Glosses with pink cat-shaped caps.

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