Peripera smoothie pencil liner sets part 2

Remember the post about the Peripera peri's Smoothie Pencil liner sets that I wrote a few months ago? I bought set no. 1 in my 14th Gmarket order, but now there are two more sets available. I was a bit disappointed that the Night Plum color wasn't the burgundy red/purple as shown in the pictures. That's why I haven't done a review on them yet. Peripera now has a new identical set with the Night Plum eyeliner replaced by a purple eyeliner (a new color), so I hope that this time, it really is true to picture. Both two sets have the same black eyeliner and a highlighter color (set no.1 has a beige one and set no. 2 has a gold one), but set no. 2 has three different, blue eyeliners that look very pretty.

These two new Peripera eyeliner sets have the same metal case and mainly the color of the tin changed. The eyeliners however have become a lot prettier. They are now white pencils with a cute polkadot print and the ends and the caps that show the color of the eyeliner are a lot brighter than before.    

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