The Saem G-Dragon cosmetics pouches and lipsticks

Good news for the fans of G-Dragon from Big Bang, the Saem has created two different cosmetics pouches and two colors of lipstick, with which you can always have him by your side. ^_^

The cosmetics pouches have two different covers and I like the cover of the one on the right the most. But as a true fan, you naturally need to buy them both, just like with the music albums that have different versions and covers. There are many benefits with owning the both of them. ^_^ While one is getting washed (as skincare and cosmetics can become a mess sometimes), you can use the other one as a replacement. It can also get boring using the same pouch all the time, so with two, you can rotate. Of course, you also have a bit of a fashionista in you, so the pouch on the left is better, when you need to have a blue accent to complement your outfit, and the one on the right is easier to match with any color, as the overall color is black.   
Update: They have now released a third G-dragon cosmetics pouch and this is how it looks like.

the saem G-dragon cosmetics pouch

The Saem Global Eco Red Lipstick

G-dragon endorsed global eco lipstickThe red lipstick has already been released for a long time and the pink version was released not too long ago. But because it is personally being endorsed by G-Dragon, I wanted to add this to this post too. The red lipstick was released along with the introduction of the new logo for the Saem. The red of that lipstick is the same color as the words "the Saem" that is printed under the blue round logo (as can be seen in the picture of the Global Eco Pink Lipstick). The introduction of this lipstick was very memorable for me, as it was the first time that I saw a guy wearing red lipstick that looked that good. ^_^

When you get that lipstick, you can actually say that you are wearing the same thing as G-Dragon. :D 

Underneath you can see the 3 benefits that you get from wearing this lipstick.

All pictures in this post belong to the Saem and they were edited by me.

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