Tony Moly I'm real and pureness 100 mask sheets

Tony Moly has just released two new ranges of sheet masks (although they named them mask sheets): the I'm real range and the Pureness 100 range.

Tony Moly I'm real mask sheets

The packaging with drawn pictures and the claims of using real, natural ingredients remind me slightly of the Lacvert Real Food Recipe sheet masks that I have reviewed before. Those also have unusual flavors such as tomato and avocado. I am quite curious about the skin purifying properties of the Seaweeds and the Makgeoli mask sheets. I would also like to try the red wine one for pore care.

There are 11 kinds of mask sheets in this range : 

Lemon (brightening), 
Tea tree (skin soothing)
 Tomato (radiance), 
Aloe (moisturizing), 
Pomegranate (elasticity), 
Red wine (pore care),
 Seaweeds (skin purifying),
 Broccoli (vitality),
 Rice (clear skin),
 Avocado (nutrition),
 and Makgeoli (skin purifying).

The mask sheet is 3 layers thick and I have never really liked thick mask sheets as they tend to stick to the face less, but the advantage is that it can also hold a lot of essence that your skin can absorb.

 Tony Moly Pureness 100 mask sheets

These mask sheets also have some very natural ingredients in them and the mask is made of 100% cotton. They seem to be targeted to older women than the I'm real masks that are likely for women in their twenties who would like the cute, cartoon-like drawings on the packaging. The Tony Moly Pureness 100 mask sheets have a more formal looking appearance and with ingredients such a hyaluronic acid, snail, propolis, collagen, caviar, pearl, shea butter, and placenta, you can expect these mask sheets to be better for the skin than just moisturizing.

The large pictures on the packaging make them look a bit like the Missha pure source sheet masks.    

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