Clio Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip

Unlike the Clio Gelpresso Glow Tint, the Clio Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip wasn't something that I missed out on. I have already seen this lip product back in March 2013, but the dryness spotted in the promotional lip swatch pictures made me pass on it. Since I only write about products that I want to try myself, I had saved the pictures on my computer until I changed my mind about this. (I also really liked the eye makeup on Dara in the promotional picture). Today happened to be the day on which my opinion about these lipsticks changed. 

I think I do want to try this.

The original 5 colors that were available: Devil Pink, Saint Peach, Virgin Orange, Passion Orange, and Angel Pink.

And here comes the main reason, why I changed my mind. 

I discovered that they recently added 11 (!) new colors to this lipstick line and they have upgraded the color pay off too. Aside from a burgundy red color (color no. 16), which seems the be the trend for this F/W, there is also the color no. 7 that I like a lot and two very pigmented yellow and purple lipsticks. I cannot believe that you can create such a color on the lips with a lipstick. o_o

Even though the yellow and purple lipstick are very intriguing, I doubt I would ever wear it out like that. But don't worry, you can apparently use the yellow lipstick in other ways too. By applying the yellow lipstick on top of the other lip colors in this lipstick line can lighten the color to an orange lip color. You can also create a gradient lip by only applying the yellow lipstick on the outer areas of the lips. Now that is an easy way to create gradient lips. It's pretty fool-proof. ^_^

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