Esprit summer sandals with Japanese print

With today's gloomy weather and the weather forecast for the coming week, I guess I really have to say goodbye to the summer. :( It is time to put away my beautiful sandals and slippers. This pair of Esprit sandals with flowery, Japanese print, is one of the pairs of shoes that I bought for this summer.  

Esprit summer sandals with Japanese print
It comes in more colors and prints, but I choose this pair of sandals with pink straps and a green, flower print wedge heel. At the front, it adds 3 cm and in the back, 8 cm to my height. The pink straps are make of a very soft, comfortable plastic (they don't cut into the skin) and the brown parts are leather straps.

As you can see from the left shoe, there is a small part of an elastic band at where the buckle is. I don't really like sandals with elastic bands incorporated in the design, but because the straps go around the ankle, the sandals don't annoyingly flap and stay firmly on the feet.   

The curve of the shoes fits perfectly to my feet and leaves no gaps. I can walk comfortably on these Esprit sandals for at least 4-5 hours. Any longer, I would recommend using some gel pads. The shoe soles are a bit hard, since there is no cushiony material in there.

At the bottom of the sandals, you can find a swirly Esprit print and you can see that the heel is narrow at the back.

Esprit summer sandals with Japanese print

I think that these sandals would look good with the flowery Yukata that I bought in Japan, a long time ago. It already came with a pair of matching sandals, but I am afraid that those might break, so wearing these sandals instead would put me much more at ease. 

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