Fab. Suzy bag star stud - aqua review

Not too long ago, I have written a post about the Fab. Beatrix clutch in aqua that I especially bought for the summer. I really liked the envelope shape and the bright turquoise color. But after a short while, the metallic plate in the front started to rust and after communicating with the company, they allowed me to pick out a new clutch in exchange for the old one. It was a bit hard to let go of the previous one, but I found a clutch from the new Autumn/Winter 2013 collection that has a similar color.

This is my new Suzy bag star stud in the color aqua. ^_^   

Fab. Suzy bag star stud - aqua

It is a beautiful, turquoise nubuck clutch with star-shaped studs in the front that are more condensed in the bottom left corner and spread out to the rest of the clutch. The metallic studs have a bit of an aged look to them and I prefer that over very shiny metallic studs.

Just like the Fab. Beatrix clutch, you can carry this bag with the wrist strap or with the longer shoulder strap. At the right bottom corner, the brand name Fab. is embossed into the nubuck leather. I am a bit more careful this time and choose not to get any bags with large metallic plates. ^_^ 

Fab. Suzy bag star stud - aqua details

Compared to the Fab. Beatrix clutch, the Fab. Suzy bag star stud is a lot bigger (30cm x 22cm). I think that I can even fit an Ipad into it and use it as a stylish sleeve. Even though the color of both bags are called aqua, they are quite different. The Beatrix clutch is turquoise with a more light blue tone and the Suzy bag has a warmer, green toned turquoise color. The nubuck leather is also a bit different. Even though the surface looks more aged and wrinkly, the nubuck leather of the Suzy bag is thicker, more durable, and it feels softer to the touch. I don't understand how a bag in this color can be part of a A/W collection, but I will try to make some fashionable looks with this bag. ^_^

Fab. Suzy bag star stud - aqua compared to the Fab. Beatrix clutch

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