Peripera Heart Glow makeup

When the Peripera Heart Glow CC cream was released, I had already totally fallen for the pretty heart illustrations. I haven't been able to find out who the illustrations belong to, but if someone knows, I would like to add his or her name here. Someone, who is able to draw that well, really deserves a mention.

Because CC creams and powders do not always do well on my dry and sensitive skin, I am a bit reluctant in buying those products. So you can imagine how lucky I felt, when I found out that Peripera has also released a Heart Glow makeup line. It consists of lip gloss, eyeshadow, highlighter sticks, and nail polishes.

Peripera Candy Juice Lip Gloss

The packaging is so adorable that I want to collect them all. It doesn't need any further explanation. ^_^

OK, maybe I explain a little bit. It comes in 5 different colors and color no. 1 is a transparent lip gloss, even though it looks very pink in the lip swatches.

Peripera Finger Tap Tap eyeshadow

This is the newest range of Peripera eye shadows and I don't know if this means that the older range of eye shadows will be discontinued. I have bought two of the older Peripera eye shadows before in my 6th Gmarket order and I really like the lacy packaging. But it isn't that bad, because the new eyeshadow mono's each have a different print on the cover and it is the heart illustrations that I really like.

This new range of eye shadows has 30 different eyeshadow shades and I am particularly eyeing on the last row of darker colors. They would make up an excellent night time eyeshadow palette. The colors with the black stars are the eye shadows that look the best applied with your finger and the colors with a yellow star are matte eye shadows.

Peripera Heart Glow Stick

It comes in two different highlighter shades and I really like the transparent cap with drawn hanging heart illustrations. The birthday cake and the large heart print on the stick is also very pretty.

The first shade is suitable for people with fair skin and a rather cool tone and the second shade is a darker bronze highlighter color that would suit people with a warm tone. Its effect looks very similar to the two glowing powders from the Etude House Bling in the Sea collection.

The funny instruction that is provided, show you where you should be applying the Peripera Heart Glow Stick. It is based on the shape of your face. I think mine should belong to the round, egg shaped kind. So I guess, I need to apply a lot on my nose, sides of my eyes and a bit on my chin.

Lastly, we have the cute nail polishes. I can't find much about the nail polishes yet, but I really hope that there are more colors than just the three pictured. The caps are really cute and the bottles look a lot like the Innisfree nail polishes. But if there aren't any more colors, these three don't look too bad to me. I will just have to settle with just three. ^_^

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