Skinfood Queen's baking makeup collection

Whereas the F/W 2013 makeup collections of eSpoir, banila co., and Missha are sexy and seductive, Skinfood comes with the Queen's baking makeup collection, which is very girly and sweet.

The Skinfood Queen's baking makeup collection has a cute checkered pattern on the packaging and it consists of nail polishes, lace nail stickers, a gel eyeliner, a dual ended brow stick, a highlighter pencil, a mascara, an eyeshadow palette, lipsticks, and liquid lipsticks.
The two makeup looks that were created for the Skinfood Queen's baking makeup collection are very princessy and lady like.

There are 5 nail polishes in this collection and they seem to be named after chocolate praline fillings: caramel fudge, truffle, pistachio, raisin mousse, and lavender mousse. (translations were done by me, so there could be mistakes in there).

The Skinfood Queen's baking Choco Smokey eye palette has four eyeshadow colors: a light purple, a light pink, a light brown and a dark brown. The Choco Smokey Waterproof Eyeline Jam, which is the liquid eyeliner in the transparent jar, has a dark purple color (even though it looks a bit brown in the picture). The eyeliner color is called no. 3 - Chocolate wine and the eyeliner jars no. 1 - Chocolate black and no. 2 - Chocolate brown were released before in the Skinfood "The Chocolate makes you more sweet & deep" collection. There are also lace nail stickers in white and black versions.

As I have dyed my hair in a lighter brown, I am very interested in these Skinfood Choco Smokey dual brow sticks. They come in three different colors of light brown, one end is an eyebrow mascara and the other end is a eyebrow pencil. The instructions tell you to first fill in your eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil and then to color the eyebrow hairs with the eyebrow mascara.

As for lip products, there are the Skinfood Queen's baking Vita Color lipsticks and the Skinfood Queen's baking Choco Smokey Creamy Lip jars.

The Skinfood Vita Color lipsticks for the Queen's baking collection come in three colors and they have a very interesting effect. The outside of the lipstick has a matte finish and it has a glossy center. When the inner and outer areas of your lips look matte and glossy in the middle, it creates the optical illusion of fuller lips. 

Just like the Choco Smokey Waterproof Eyeline Jam (liquid eyeliner), the Choco Smokey Creamy Lip comes in a transparent jar, in which you can store the brush that comes with it. I would just buy it for this cute and handy design. The brush sits neatly in the middle and at the bottom of the jar, and without anything sticking out a lot, you can easily put this in your bag without needing a lot of space. I also don't need to worry about misplacing my brush. I am not really sure about the finish of this lip product, but I think this is a creamy, tinted lip gloss (if that makes sense ^_^). 

Skinfood created two kinds of products for face contouring: the Queen's baking Vita Contouring Pact and the Vita Contouring Finish. As the name suggests, I think you need to apply the Vita Contouring Pact first to smoothen the canvas and prime your face, and then in the end, use the Vita Contouring Finish to make the contouring look natural.

Both come in two shades, a light and a dark version. I am especially amazed by the details of the Vita Contouring Finish. I am not sure how they pressed the highlighter color into a royal-looking seal. The checkered pattern is also very pretty.

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