Healthy snacks: dried vegetables and fruit

I don't know if you still remember, but I had visited the Swan market in Rotterdam last month and I promised to share what I had bought in another post. It got delayed by 2 weeks, but if you are still curious, keep reading to see what I got.

vegetables chips and cinnamon apple chips

In the pictures that I had posted of the Swan market, you could see that there was a market stall selling lots of dried fruit and vegetables. I was allowed to taste everything and in the end, I brought home two large bags of the things that I thought tasted the best.

First, I bought a large bag of vegetable chips. It kind of taste like vegetable tempura, which I really like to eat. I was a bit surprised to see green beans in the mixture, but it tastes quite good. It is like you are eating crunchy bread sticks with a hollow center and it has a very natural, sweet, bean taste. My favorite would be the sweet potato and pumpkin slices, which are the yellow and orange slices. The carrot slices are quite nice too, great for people who normally don't like to eat carrot. There were also rectangular sticks of taro in there that are very crunchy.

vegetable chips

Because I was also curious about the pomelo & lime peel blocks, banana chips, and the apple-cinnamon pieces, I added a bit of those in the plastic bag too. I really like eating the Chinese dried lemon peel and dried plum, and the pomelo & lime peel blocks taste really similar. But they are not as salty or as sweetened, so it is a lot healthier. The banana chips were nice and crispy with a hint of sweetness.  The apple-cinnamon pieces had the same texture as raisins and they are just as sweet.

apple-cinnamon chips

The other large bag contained apple-cinnamon chips. They are not as sweet as the apple-cinnamon pieces and I really like the crunch they have. There seem to be three kinds of textures: the very thin slices are really hard and had a large part of apple skin on them (the sides of an apple), thicker slices that had a soft center, and - the kind I like the most - slices of apple that were crispy like chips.
The banana chips were the only things that were fried in oil, the others were air dried or dried in a convection oven with a bit of canola oil. These snacks are about 300 calories per 100 grams and a very good alternative for when I am craving for potato chips. By now, they are long gone already (all went into my tummy ^_^). So, I really need to stock up soon. 

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