Lacvert Real Food Recipe Olive Moisturizing Mask review

I am really behind on blogging, so while I am at it, I am going to write my review on the Lacvert Real Food Recipe Olive Moisturizing Mask too. Even though it is right after I posted my review on the Lacvert Tomato Firming sheet mask, I think it is better to write it now, while I am still in my writing mode. ^_^ I am sure you would feel the pressure too, if you could see the amount of pictures that I have taken and saved on my computer, all waiting for me to write something about.

Lacvert Real Food Recipe Olive Moisturizing Mask review

The color scheme this time, is sea blue and olive green. It is literally sea blue, as you can see an olive swimming diligently in it on the packaging. ^_^

My opinion on this Lacvert sheet mask:

I was really curious about the scent of this mask, since I imagined a scent like olive oil, but maybe a milder version of that. But it has a similar scent as the Innisfree Olive skincare line, a very lemony scent with just a very slight hint of olive, which is barely there. I actually quite like that scent, it is very refreshing. It could be suitable for men too, since it is not sweet or flowery. ^_^ 
As I have dry skin, I had high expectations of this sheet mask, which is specifically for moisturizing the skin. Most sheet masks are more or less moisturizing, but this one has it as the main function, so I thought it would be especially moisturizing. But in the end, it has let me down.
I had a little bit of a tingling sensation on my skin, while I had the sheet mask on. I think it might be the acidity of the lemon that is in there. I don't react too well on skincare products with vitamin C in them either, so it could just be me. But the moisturizing part, wasn't really good either. It didn't make my skin noticeably moisturized. I only have the Lacvert Avocado Shining mask left to review, so hopefully, I will get some better results with that one.

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