Chocolate bar review: Milka & Oreo and Milka & Daim

I don't want to overexert myself after being under the weather for such a long time, so I will do a short food-related review today. I have been drinking a lot of tea lately and I wanted to eat something sweet with it. I remembered that I bought some Milka chocolate bars a few months ago, just because I was curious about the taste. So, I dug through the things in the kitchen cupboard and found the following two chocolate bars: the Milka & Oreo and the Milka & Daim.  

Milka & Oreo chocolate bar

Milka & Oreo chocolate bar

We had one week in the summer, which was particularly hot here in the Netherlands. Due to that, the chocolate melted a bit. I was already fearing the worst, when I saw that the chocolate bar was sticking to the packaging, but it was not as bad as the pool of chocolate milk that I imagined it to be. ^_^

Even though it had melted a bit, it didn't influence the taste. The chocolate bar had the distinguishable Milka milk chocolate taste and it was so soft that it melted in my mouth. The filling is vanilla cream with little chunks of Oreo cookies

Milka & Oreo chocolate bar pieces

Milka & Daim chocolate bar

Milka & Daim chocolate bar

I expected this chocolate bar to have melted too, but surprisingly, it had survived the heat. I think it is because the Milka & Daim chocolate bar is a lot harder than the Milka & Oreo chocolate bar. It is the kind of chocolate that makes a sound, when you bite in it. This chocolate bar also contains little pieces of crunchy caramel pieces of the brand Daim. I have never eaten a Daim bar before, so I can't really say how much it tastes similar, but it does have a buttery, caramel taste as described. 

Milka & Daim chocolate bar pieces

Which one did I like the most?

It would have to be the Milka & Oreo chocolate bar. 

The Milka & Oreo chocolate bar is not as sweet, since it has a light vanilla cream filling as opposed to a solid chocolate bar. I also like the soft chocolate texture more, as I don't have to worry about hurting my teeth. But this doesn't mean that the Milka & Daim chocolate bar is not delicious. I am not really that fond of caramel - not saying that I hate it -, but I just don't like (overly) sweet things all that much. You can pretty much tell that from the fact that these chocolate bars have been untouched all these months. ^_^ But for people that like caramel, they would enjoy the rich caramel taste.

Milka & Oreo and Milka & Daim comparison
The chocolate bars are equal in size, but divided in different sized pieces. 

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