Gosh nail lacquer 03 - Frosted purple review

After having fully recovered from my cold and some good rest, I am finally returning with another nail polish review. On the cap, there is written in large white letters that the Gosh nail lacquer 03 - Frosted purple has a "glittery matt finish" and a "frosted sand look". It is the first time that I am trying a nail polish from Gosh and it is extra exciting to see that it is a very special one.  

Gosh nail lacquer 03 - Frosted purple
Gosh nail lacquer 03 - Frosted purple*, 8 ml.

The Gosh nail lacquer 03 - Frosted purple is one of the six nail polishes in the Gosh Autumn 2013 collection. Similar to the Frosted Silver (01) and Frosted Gold (02), it is a nail polish with a sand finish. There are also three creme nail polishes: the Mysterious Mauve, Kind of Pink, and Denim Delight.  

Gosh nail lacquers Autumn 2013 collection
Pictures from Gosh was used to create this illustration.

From the cap and the promotional picture shown above, you might expect this Gosh nail lacquer to be really purple, but to my surprise, it is dark grey/silver instead. For a second, I even thought that this was the Gosh nail lacquer 01 - Frosted Silver, but then with the wrong label. I have looked up swatches of that nail polish and concluded that this cannot be that nail polish as that one has a very light, silver color. 

Gosh nail lacquer 03 - Frosted purple on nails

When you look very closely, you can spot some fine purple shimmers, but it looks mainly dark grey to me.

purple shimmers in the Gosh nail lacquer 03 - Frosted purple

I actually like this dark grey/silver color more than a very light silver one, as the darker color makes my hands look fairer. The fine purple shimmers also make the silver color look warmer and more wearable.  

Gosh silver dark grey matte liquid sand nail polish

This nail lacquer has a narrow brush and it was very easy to apply on the nails. I think that this nail polish looks the best in the evening. The larger glitters become more noticeable and all the glitters really start to sparkle. During the day, it looks more matte.    
Gosh nail lacquer 03 - frosted purple brush bottle

Compared to the Etude House nail polish RD302 - Ruby Red Sand (the only other nail polish that I own with a sand finish), the Gosh nail lacquer is more sophisticated and matte, whereas the Etude House nail polish has more depth and looks more sparkly due to the shimmers in different colors. The Gosh nail lacquer stayed on the nails longer, but it was slightly more difficult to remove.    

Gosh nail lacquer 03 - Frosted purple compared to the Etude House nail polish RD302

To conclude: I still don't really like how these liquid sand nail polishes makes my nails feel like sand paper, but I do like the way they look and they are definitely an eye catcher in the evening. With all the Christmas and New Year's Eve parties lying ahead, it would be a great occasion to wear these pretty nail polishes. ^_^

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