Lush Scents 2013: Snow Fairy, Snowcake, Rose Jam, Ponche, and Calacas

If Snow Fairy, Snowcake, Rose Jam, Ponche, and/or Calacas are one of your favorite Lush products, you are in luck, because they have now made them into perfumes. ^_^


This scent is derived from the Ponche shower gel, which has a very fruity scent with orange juice, plum, cinnamon, and a shot of tequila as the main notes.  

Snow Fairy

This scent is derived from the famous, sugary Snow Fairy shower gel, which smells like candy floss and pear drops. It is my favorite shower gel from Lush and I always feel sad, when I cannot smell it on my body anymore, after I have taken a shower with it. With this perfume, I am sure the scent will last a lot longer. I wish they could also make it into a solid perfume stick.


This scent is derived from the Snowcake soap, which smells like marzipan and fruit. I haven't taken a good sniff of this one before, so I will have to pay visit to a Lush store to find out if it smells good. I read that it smells a bit almondy and I quite like the scent of almonds, so it already sounds good to me.

Rose Jam

This scent is derived from the Rose Jam shower gel, which smells like sweet roses. It probably smells the same as a jar of jam made out of roses. It contains Turkish rose absolute, geranium oil, and a hint of lemon.


This scent is derived from the Calacas shower jelly, which has the shape of a scull (Halloween special). I have never seen this product before, but they say that they have bottled the smell of a Mexican festival, with the scent of sweet orange, neroli, and lime. It supposedly smells like lime and jelly beans. I quite like citrus scents, so this also sounds interesting. 

From 22 November, these 5 Lush Scents will be exclusively available in the Netherlands at Sadly, I cannot smell these perfumes in the Lush stores first before I buy one, but I am sure they will smell very good.

Price (30 ml bottle): Rose Jam (€37), Snowcake (€27), Calacas (€30), Snow Fairy (€30), and Ponche (€27).

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