Skinfood Merry Christmas, My Honey! collection

When I first saw the promotional pictures that Skinfood released of their Christmas 2013 collection "Merry Christmas, My Honey!", I almost thought that they were Christmas cards. As the name already tells you, all of the products contain honey as the main ingredient. This festive collection contains a large white tube of Royal Honey Good Moisturizing cream, a glass jar of Royal Honey Hydra Cream, three small tins of balm, and three sets of hand cream.

From the previously released, Skinfood Honey Rich collection, the Honey Rich Body Wash, Honey Rich Body Essence, Honey Rich Body Mist, and Honey Rich Body Cream are given a special Christmas packaging. 

I am the most interested in the hand creams and the lip balms as they are my necessities in the cold winter.

The Skinfood Merry Christmas, My Honey! hand creams

These hand creams are sold in a set of two. Just like the Skinfood Vita Water Drop CC cream, there are two different designs for the same product. So basically, you buy two tubes of the same hand cream, but with different designs on the tubes. It is perfect since you get one for yourself and another one to give away as a gift. Sharing is caring, right? ^_^  You also won't mistake someone else 's hand cream as yours since they don't look the same.

Red and burgundy tubes: Mandarin & Shea butter hand cream. (Refreshing)
Blue and green tubes: Herbs & Shea butter hand cream. (Moist, gel texture)
Brown and white tubes: Honey & Shea butter hand cream. (Anti-wrinkle)

The Skinfood Merry Christmas, My Honey! balms

These tins hold three kinds of balms (from left to right): Honey Rich Face Balm, Honey Rich Highly Moisturizing Balm, and Honey Rich Lip & Cheek balm (red tint).

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