eSpoir Trend Color Palette 2014

After the Etude House Play Color Eyes eyeshadow palettes and the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye shadow collection palette, I have another eyeshadow palette that I have recently fallen for and that is the eSpoir Trend Color Palette 2014 (35,000 won). The good thing is that the colors of the before mentioned eyeshadow palettes don't really seem to be exactly the same or is there too many similar colors. So in essence, it is still okay for me to get them all (how I wish!).

Etude House and eSpoir are from the same company and you can really tell that this eyeshadow palette is the more luxurious version of the Etude House Play Color Eyes eyeshadow palettes. The amount of eyeshadow colors are the same (10 in total) and they have used the same written text pattern on the exterior of the palette, but this has been done better with a beautiful, glossy letter print. There is also a small window on the lid that allows you to see all the colors that is inside without having to open it. The eyeshadow applicators are also a lot more professional. Instead of two different ends (a narrow and a wide sponge applicator), you now have 4 different sponge and brush applicators that should suit any of your needs.

The eSpoir Trend Color Palette 2014 has four main colors: purple, pink, orange, and brown. I like how they have put some neutral colors in this eyeshadow palette that can blend well with all 4 colors. The shimmers are also really subtle, which makes it useful for day to day looks and not only suitable for when you have a party to attend.

In the beautiful, artistic campaign picture, you can how they have used the hot pink and bright orange shades in a more dramatic way. For normal day to day life, they have created two other looks: Spicy touch and Tender ecstasy. Out of the two, I like the Spicy Touch look the most as I really like the smokey eye that they created with the deep purple shade. The orange eyeshadow looks amazing though.

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