Etude House Color Lips-fit shades

The Etude House Color Lips-fit (10 g, 9,000 won) has 7 colors to choose from and they are weightless, liquid lipsticks. I really hate it when lipsticks feel very heavy on the lips and that you constantly feel it there, so it already sounds very promising to me.

The colors look very bright and opaque, just like a real lipstick. From the pictures, the finish looks very matte (in other words: potentially drying for my dry lips). Luckily, they have thought about girls with regular dry & cracked lips like me too and created a matching, transparent lip gloss. The Etude House Color Lips-fit WH901 is a caring & glossy (2-in-1) top and under coat. I am surprised that it can be used as an under coat too, because it looks so glossy that the liquid lipstick might not attach to the lips too well. Maybe, you are supposed to use it as an over-night lip serum and prep your lips that way, so that you can wear one of the lip colors the next day. The transparent lip gloss is supposed to feel very light and airy on the lips too. It also makes the color less bright and more wearable.

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